Does Saboriza ship to all of the United States?

Yes! We reach the entire United States territory, including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico

Do I need to register and/or log in to the website to place an order?

It is not necessary, however, it is preferable that you register the first time so we can archive your account in a secure and convenient manner for future use. Then you only need to log in when you go shopping.

Is my online order secure?

Absolutely. We are a secure site certified with an SSL by Network Solutions. This means that all information that passes between your mobile device or computer and our website is encrypted and secure. We process payments using Stripe, a company that exceeds the strictest industry standards for security.

If I have already placed my order, can I edit it later?

For sure yes! Please contact us before you receive notification that your shipment has been packed, after that you will not be able to change your order as our team will have already processed it. In exceptional cases you can call or email us to make changes and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

When will my card be charged?

Your credit card or selected payment method will be charged at check out.

How will I receive my products?

The products are packaged with great care and high quality standards so that they are received in excellent conditions. Those that require maintaining cold temperatures are placed in refrigerated boxes insulated with refrigerant materials. Otherwise, they are placed in traditional boxes.

Do I need to be home for delivery?

It is recommended that someone be at home on the day of delivery, so that the products are stored and maintain the required temperature conditions.

Is there an estimated time I can expect my order on the day of delivery?

Because the number of stops per delivery route varies, it is not possible to provide you with an estimated delivery time. We recommend you track it with the tracking number on the shipping provider's platform.