Vegetales Congelados

En los congeladores aguardan verduras congeladas, cuya belleza prístina se conserva en un abrazo glacial. Imagine un panorama de colores, cada verdura como una joya congelada que brilla con la promesa de comodidad y frescura.

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Goya Plantain Leaves 16 oz

Goya Plantain Leaves 16 oz

Experience the authentic flavors of Latin American cuisine with Goya Plantain Leaves. These premium leaves are ideal for wrapping, steaming, and infusing your dishes with a unique, aromatic essence. Perfect...
Gandules Frisados GOYA

Goya Frozen Pigeon Peas 14 Oz

Frozen pigeon peas are a versatile and nutritious legume, often enjoyed in various cuisines worldwide. Here are some appealing descriptions: 1. **Rich and Nutritious**: Frozen pigeon peas are packed with...
Hojas de Plátanos LA FE / banana leafs

La Fe Plantain Leaves 16 oz

Embrace the rich traditions of Latin American cooking with La Fe Plantain Leaves. These high-quality, versatile leaves are perfect for wrapping and steaming a variety of beloved dishes such as...
La Fe Frozen Pigeon Peas 16 Oz

La Fe Frozen Pigeon Peas 16 Oz

La Fe Frozen Pigeon Peas are a high-quality, convenient option that brings the nutritious and delicious qualities of this legume to your kitchen. Nutritious and Flavorful: La Fe Frozen Pigeon...
Calabaza/Auyama La Fe

La Fe Frozen Squash 12 Oz

La Fe Frozen Squash is a premium product that combines convenience with the authentic taste of fresh squash, making it an excellent addition to your kitchen. Here’s a delightful description:...