Chicharrón with Casabe

Chicharrón with Casabe
The versatility of this dish is so wide that today we accompany it with cassava.


6 pounds of chicharrón cut into large cubes.
Salt to taste
1 package of cassava
4 tablespoons of oil
4 pounds of red onions
1 tablespoon oregano
½ liter of white vinegar

Let's cook!

In a thick-bottomed pot bring the chicharrón to 350 degrees C for about 2 hours, stir constantly until the surface changes its color to a shiny brown and the skin is crispy, remove from heat and let stand.

Cut the onions into slices, place them in a skillet over medium heat, sauté for 5 minutes, adding oil, dried oregano, vinegar and salt to taste.

Serve this deliciousness in the form of tapas, place the cassava, chicharrón and onion pieces on top.

Serve, eat and repeat! It is more than delicious, you will love it.


  • Casabe CARIDOM
  • Pork Belly Chicharron de Cerdo El Foodie Boricua
  • Sal del Mar GOYA / Sea Salt
  • Baldom White Vinegar 16 oz
  • This item: Casabe CARIDOM 10 Oz $4.99 $3.49
  • This item: El Foodie Boricua Pork Belly (3 lb) $13.99
  • This item: Sal del Mar GOYA 23 Oz $4.99
  • This item: Baldom White Vinegar 16 oz $2.19
  • Total price: $2.19

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